Our Company


We coordinate the production and marketing of our apples from South-East Styria. The care and experience of our farmers and the gentle handling of the apples – from flower to transport – that is what accounts for the top of the line products by Aroma Obst.

We employ computer-controlled sorting and packaging systems which ensure our apples undergo rigorous screenings.

In order for the apples to remain fresh throughout their whole marketing period, we store them in an optimal low-oxygen environment, which is specifically fitted to the needs of each variety. Almost 50 employees take care that only immaculate apples leave our production facility.




In July 1995, the AROMA GmbH along with the AROMA Obst and Vegetable and the AROMA Packaging were founded in Weiz, Styria. Among the partners were Styrian fruit producers who intended to create a cooperation for their distribution efforts. Eight years later the partners decided to build a packing plant with cutting-edge systems.

In 2007, the company was acquired by Obstbau Zinner, one of the biggest apple producers in Austria. The result of this merger was the AROMA Obst GmbH. Today, AROMA Obst and its marketing community are among the most successful fruit marketers in Styria.